TransCultures Chicago Translation Services in 140 Languages.


Translation involves more than looking up words in a dictionary. It is about transforming your messages to reach other cultures, ensuring that the subtle nuances and meaning you intended resonate when you take your message to global audiences and markets. As part of your overall cultural solutions, TransCultures translators will work with you to adapt your materials so that they appear culturally appropriate to your intended audience. This improves acceptance of your global outreach and generates sound results for your organization.

Our professional translators speak over 140 languages. Our translators have extensive experience in translation and are able to translate any type of document from a simple birth certificate to technical documents across multiple industries, all in the most accurate, time efficient, and cost effective way. For each project, our project managers carefully select a translator with a strong background in the subject matter of the assignment. Some large projects may require many translators and proofreaders.

Our rigorous editing process requires a review by a second linguist which ensures an accurate, high-quality final translation. In addition to being certified translators, most of our translators hold other professional degrees; this allows us to serve our clients’ unique professional needs in the following fields:

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