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Localization is the process of language and cultural adaption of products, software, websites, video games and apps. for specific locales or regions. TransCultures’ localization services provide a complete approach to any project. Localization could begin as early as the research and development stage and continue through the product launch to ensure consideration of the global consumer culture. Through localization services, TransCultures helps clients expand their digital capital to reach global consumers in many languages. TransCultures’ localization services help organizations create and maintain multilingual information to support business operations worldwide. We strive to help our clients bring their products and services to world markets faster and at less cost. TransCultures Website and software localization process includes:

– Identifying strategy for global outreach
– Addressing business process issues associated with the target audiences and markets
– Reviewing current website against the needs and expectations of the target audience
– Evaluating the requirements for localization from a linguistic, cultural, legal and terminological viewpoint
– Translating the web content
– Modifying website images and graphics that might carry negative cultural connotations
– Testing the Beta site against parameters established during initial review
– Creating a framework for future multilingual content development and management

TransCultures provides a complete approach to localization projects from simple websites to sophisticated products and software; enabling our clients to successfully operate in all markets around the world.

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