TransCultures Language Pedagogy Training

Language Pedagogy Training

Many language programs offered by language schools lack the appropriate planning to meet the student’s goals in acquiring new foreign language skills. This is especially true for those who intend to use the foreign language in business or official settings. TransCultures’ leading expertise on language and cultural solutions enables language schools to provide language pedagogy trainings for their teachers, and to create customized language programs for their students.

Our unique approach to language teaching allows language schools and instructors to tap into a database of already customized industry-specific terminologies and teach the foreign language in a structured way. Our propriety pedagogy trainings that we offer on-site help teach the foreign language in a structured way through a specified learning cycle. Our pedagogy trainings produce outstanding results for students who intend to use the foreign language for specific tasks such as negotiation, international business, and diplomacy. This approach shortens the learning process of foreign languages for those professionals, enables the students to gain first-hand professional knowledge of the foreign language they learn, and produces the intended result of learning a foreign language – which is speaking it. Similarly, this allows language schools the opportunity to offer structured programs that meet the student’s specific needs and expectations.

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