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TransCultures provides legal interpretation services from Chicago and around the globe. With a highly skilled team of legal, court, and immigration interpreters; we are able to provide skilled and professional interpreters who have completed extensive training in court and legal interpretation. Our interpreters have been tested in their language pairs and underwent an extensive legal interpretation training to master a variety of interpretation techniques, legal terminology and the industry’s standard code of conduct. TransCultures’ legal interpreters bring to the judicial process specialized language skills, impartiality, and professionalism in dealing with all parties involved in legal proceedings.

The use of professionally competent court interpreters in proceedings involving people who speak languages other than English and those with Limited English Proficiency, is vital to ensure that justice is carried out fairly for all parties involved in legal actions. The Court Interpreters Act, 28 U.S.C. §1827 sets the guidelines for court and legal interpretation and provides the legal framework for our interpreters.

TransCultures’ team of legal interpreters provides interpretation services to clients from Chicago to Paris a in various settings and in many lagunages. TransCultures provides legal interpretation services for various legal procedures such as for arraignments, trials, motions, pretrial conferences, trial preparations, preliminary and administrative hearings, depositions, clients/attorneys appointments, immigration appointment and interviews, asylum interviews, consular interviews, law-enforcement investigations. Our legal interpreter team plays a key role in the legal process by interpreting for defendants / litigants and witnesses with limited or no English proficiency and to those who might feel that their limited understanding of English might lead to unequal or unfair access to justice. The law requires courts to provide language interpretation services to all parties with Limited English Proficiency in order to ensure equal access to justice.

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