Cultural Consulting PR Public Relations

Cultural Consulting

Through a team of experts on International Law, Business, Political Science, Public Administration, Anthropology, Psychology and many other disciplines, TransCultures is positioned to advise and assist organizations and policy makers on key issues around the world and guide them to overcome the cultural and linguistic challenges they might face. Our team of consultants possess years of interdisciplinary consulting experience in academia, the public sector, and the business world. Tailoring cultural and linguistic solutions to meet the needs of corporations and governmental agencies around the globe, makes TransCultures a global leader at the forefront for resources in linguistic and cultural solutions, and a reliable partner for many leading organizations. Our knowledgeable consultants learn about your organizational needs and customize solutions to meet your goals and achieve excellent results.

Public Diplomacy

Through a pool of subject matter experts with fluency in several languages and extensive experience in multi-disciplinary fields, TransCultures tailors public diplomacy programs to meet the needs of our sponsors in communicating with foreign audiences and establishing a dialogue that is designed to shape, inform, and influence public opinion on a wide range of issues. Our programs range from conferences and seminars to reputation building campaigns. TransCultures’ vast global network enables us to create successful campaigns regardless of size or scope anywhere around the world to win the hearts and the minds of diverse global audiences.

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