TransCultures Cross Cultural Training Services. Communicate with Global Audiences

Cross-Cultural Training

Cultures have a great impact on values, communication, and interaction. In order to develop the necessary skills for successful intercultural communication, TransCultures’ cross-cultural programs are designed to provide business and government officials with an overview of cultural norms and answer questions about life within a specific country or region of the world. Our training workshops are designed to deepen the understanding of social, political, economic, and historical aspects that have shaped values, behaviors, as well as business and political cultures of specific countries or regions. Cross-cultural trainings provide the trainees with an understanding of the key factors that affect interactions and communications with people from other cultures. This training enables greater understanding of the relevant business and political environment ; such understanding can greatly improve business interactions.

TransCultures designs cross-cultural training programs for companies and government officials to help them meet the growing challenges of working with diverse cultures in the areas of business, diplomacy, and communication. Our trainings assist staff, management and government officials to interact with clients and prospects from other cultures effectively and respectfully. Our professional cultural trainers conduct cross-cultural training workshops around the world onsite for organizations in both the private and public sectors. Our cross-cultural trainings are tailored to meet the organization’s needs and objectives. Our workshops can be designed to be country-specific, or regional (i.e. The Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America). Our workshop attendees develop a deep understanding and awareness of the differences and similarities between their cultures and the host culture which can help them conduct business and interact seamlessly with other cultures.

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