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Social Media | Communication | Public Relations

TransCultures provides public relations, business communication and social media analytics services to enterprises in the private sector, Government agencies, NGOs and candidates for political office. Our Social Media Division helps clients from basic social media campaigns to extensive ongoing monitoring and consulting services. We use near real time human and automated analysis to help our clients understand insights and act upon them in a timely and appropriate manner. Our Team of expert analysts and managers provide valuable insights to help our clients understand markets, audiences and emerging issues. TransCultures uses publicly available data from all media channels both traditional and social media to reveal trends, assess insights and craft responses that impact the target audiences. We help our clients strategically plan and communicate based on insights from our advances analytics.

TransCultures’ Public Relations Division helps our client organizations in both the private and public sectors manage the propagation of information to their target audiences. Our services include generate and manage content for websites and social media outlets, press conferences preparation, public relations, communication campaigns in multiple languages languages. We help our clients reach their target audiences respectfully and help shape their audiences’ attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

Our proprietary and advanced technologies, algorithms and research methods puts us at the forefront of social media analytics and public relations solutions. TransCultures helps clients detect and assess emerging trends and issues affecting brands, products, or entities; measure the effectiveness of marketing, communication and social media campaigns, and identify stakeholders and key influencers. Our social media monitoring can detect many indicators such as, communication strategies, economic and commercial trends, social trends, societal events, evolving technology innovations. We help our clients understand these elements and act upon them in an appropriate and swift manner. Our services help clients forecast of changes over time of these trends.  TransCultures analyses messages and their impact on targeted audiences and how they beliefs, behavior and attitudes towards a particular issue.

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