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Transcreation : Marketing Translation

Transcreation is translating the creative element in marketing and advertising into another language and culture. Marketing Translation – Transcreation; describes the discipline encompassing the ways to develop and adapt brand message to grow equity on a global scale. Investing heavily to establish brand awareness in the domestic market is good, but failing to properly define the global brand strategy along with transcreating the right message to target consumers, may prevent this equity from being scalable to a global consumer. Transcreation is a process that can begin as early as the ideation stage to ensure that the intended message resonate with global consumers.

Transcreation requires a comprehensive approach, which includes:

  • Analyzing the transcreated target brand plan and global expectations
  • Developing a transcreation brand strategy
  • Brand polling to measure the current level of integrity and suitability of your brand in the target markets
  • Establishing culturally relevant global brand guidelines and style elements
  • Adapting existing marketing and advertising materials to comply with transcreation strategy

Through a large pool of multicultural marketing experts operating across the globe, TransCultures is uniquely positioned to advise you about the potential challenges and opportunities you will face as you expand your brand presence globally. Together, we can develop a suitable course of action and then TransCultures’ experts can help ensure those requirements are consistently met. TransCultures provides global copyrighting and transcreation services in all our working languages. TransCultures works from your brand books, style guides and other existing materials to transcreate messaging and compelling content that reaches your target audience and transcends the linguistic and cultural barriers to resonate with your consumers.

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