Chicago Medical Interpretation TransCultures provides Medical Interpretation Services in Chicago and around the country for hospitals, Clinics, Nursing homes, Doctors appointments

Chicago Medical Interpretation

TransCultures’ team of medical interpreters works closely with healthcare providers in different settings such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities to help them communicate effectively and accurately with patients from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds in over 140 Languages.

The law requires that all healthcare facilities and recipients of federal money provide equal access to healthcare services for patients with limited English proficiency. TransCultures offers a variety of services to help hospitals, healthcare facilities, and healthcare providers comply with the federal policy guidance; while assuring an accurate communication between the healthcare providers and their patients. Healthcare interpretation is a key to ensure accurate communication in healthcare setting, which is key to delivering excellent patient care.

TransCultures’ commitment to provide equal access to healthcare services and facilitating communication between healthcare providers and their patients is matched only by our dedication to work with the best qualified linguists in the industry. Our team of professional medical interpreters are educated native speakers in the language pairs they interpret, have completed an extensive training in medical interpretation, and many have degrees or professional experience in the medical field. Our professional medical interpreters fully understand their vital role as language and cultural brokers; strictly maintaining patient’s confidentiality while providing the best services in bridging cultural gaps and overcoming linguistic barriers between healthcare providers and their patients. TransCultures offers medical interpretation and medical translation as a part of our International Patient Services programs for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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