the most comprehensive international patient service available.

International Patient Services

TransCultures works closely with healthcare facilities around the world to develop their global patient programs. We provide a variety of solutions to meet the growing needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities to attract international patients and develop a successful international patient care. Cultural consideration is key for the success of international patient programs. International patient …

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TransCultures Cross Cultural Training Services. Communicate with Global Audiences

Cross-Cultural Training

Cultures have a great impact on values, communication, and interaction. In order to develop the necessary skills for successful intercultural communication, TransCultures’ cross-cultural programs are designed to provide business and government officials with an overview of cultural norms and answer questions about life within a specific country or region of the world. Our training workshops …

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TransCultures Cross-Cultural Training Services


Cultural Training Programs TransCultures offers a variety of cultural training programs to clients in various industries ranging from healthcare to fortune 500 companies and international development agencies. Our cultural training programs help people who work or deal with international clients better understand and leverage global diversity. Our programs are customized to help our clients leverage …

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