ransCultures Language Proficiency Testing

Language Proficiency Testing

TransCultures offers language proficiency testing for corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies around the world. Due to the increased level of international trade, economic activity, diplomatic interaction, and political integration, the need for accurate and objective testing for multilingual international professionals has increased. TransCultures designs and administers language proficiency testing in over 100 languages. Our …

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TransCultures Language Immersion Programs USA Middle East Europe

Language Immersion Programs

TransCultures offers in-country language immersion programs for those who wish to experience the language and culture they are trying to learn first-hand. Our language immersion programs are customized for groups of clients from the private and public sectors. Students learn and experience the language and culture within the country where it is spoken. These programs …

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TransCultures Language Pedagogy Training

Language Pedagogy Training

Many language programs offered by language schools lack the appropriate planning to meet the student’s goals in acquiring new foreign language skills. This is especially true for those who intend to use the foreign language in business or official settings. TransCultures’ leading expertise on language and cultural solutions enables language schools to provide language pedagogy …

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Language Program English Spanish Arabic French USA Europe Middle East


TransCultures offers a variety of educational services to meet the growing demand for foreign language instruction. Our services are tailored to serve the needs of our clients to reach global audiences and consumers and overcome the challenges of the global economy. Our educational division develops language pedagogy trainings and customizes language curricula to help language …

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