Social Media | Communication | Public Relations

Social Media | Communication | Public Relations TransCultures provides public relations, business communication and social media analytics services to enterprises in the private sector, Government agencies, NGOs and candidates for political office. Our Social Media Division helps clients from basic social media campaigns to extensive ongoing monitoring and consulting services. We use near real time human and automated …

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Cultural Research

TransCultures offers Cultural Market Research for the market research community. Cultural Research describes the process by which products and supporting materials are evaluated within a target market to identify and compensate for any potential cultural barriers, prior to launch, that may otherwise inhibit success. There are far too many examples of product launches gone awry …

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Globalization Services: Localization | Transcreation

Market Research & Analysis

Through a vast international network of experts, TransCultures can provide a wide range of services to corporations, organizations, and institutions. Our experts bring years of multidisciplinary experience to provide valuable insights to our clients. TransCultures conducts deep dive research and analysis using local experts and media outlets to extract open source intelligence and tailor reports …

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Cultural Consulting PR Public Relations

Cultural Consulting

Through a team of experts on International Law, Business, Political Science, Public Administration, Anthropology, Psychology and many other disciplines, TransCultures is positioned to advise and assist organizations and policy makers on key issues around the world and guide them to overcome the cultural and linguistic challenges they might face. Our team of consultants possess years …

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Language Access Plan Services

Language Access Plan

TransCultures provides Language Access Plan Development services, also called Linguistic Audits, to organizations in the non-for-profit, public and private sectors. Language Access Plan includes a thorough investigation of the linguistic needs of an organization to assist organizations in identifying their strengths and weaknesses in communication in a foreign language. A language Access Plan maps the …

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Transcreation Agency creative Translation

Transcreation : Marketing Translation

Transcreation is translating the creative element in marketing and advertising into another language and culture. Marketing Translation – Transcreation; describes the discipline encompassing the ways to develop and adapt brand message to grow equity on a global scale. Investing heavily to establish brand awareness in the domestic market is good, but failing to properly define …

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